Our Statement


What is October Games?

October Games is a collective of Gamers and Designers brought together by Drake Kazmierczak & James Tragesser.

As Gamers, we each have a vision of which types of games we wish existed.

As Designers, we decided to come together to make those games happen.

Everyone at October Games shares a passion for creating. We daydream about what to create when we are away from our computer, when we’re in front of our computer we create what we spent hours daydreaming about.


Who is that handsome gentleman on the Banner?

Why that is Punkie, the first Legend in our series Horror Legends. And the Official mascot of October Games.


What is Horror Legends?

Horror Legends is a 3 vs 1 Asymmetrical Survival Horror Game.


Really? Where can I find more information about Horror Legends?

Right here on our website, forum and podcast. You can also find more information on Steam, we have recently been Greenlit by the fantastic community on Steam Greenlight.

When we formed October Games we decided to have an Open Development for all of our projects.


Is that so? What is “Open Development”?

No BS, plain and simple. We want to keep our fans in the loop with our development process. It’s the main reason we started the October Game’s Podcast.  Were we openly talk shop, answer your questions, and to give you a behind the scenes look of what we do and who we are.


So how are you guys funded?

Actually we are not, everyone on the team is dedicating their own time & resources.


That doesn’t sound smart.

You have to start somewhere right? Up to this point we have been driven by our passion to create our dream projects, and your interest and support keeps us going as well. We are currently looking into ways that we can fund our projects so we can take that next big step to become a full time developer.


So where can I play something you guys have made?

You can download our “Puppet Master Interactive Trailer” at our website or our IndieDB page.


“Are you guys making the Official Puppet Master video game!?”

No, not exactly, but we hope to. We did work with Full Moon Features in developing the Interactive Trailer. So maybe with your help we can make that happen. 😉


I like what I am seeing so far. How can I stay connected with October Games?

Top Right corner on our site, we have links to all social media & our very own forum. Thank you!