Horror Legends


Horror Legends is a third or first person multiplayer survival horror game. Where three players fight to
survive an encounter with a player controlled monster. One player, will select from a list of monsters
that are called Legends, and the other three will select from a list of potential heroes or victims that are
called the Cast. The Cast have to explore the environment to find tools and clues that can help them
survive. While the Legend player hunts them down one by one. The Cast players have two choices as
to how they can win the game. The first option is by escaping the Legend, which is achieved by
completing a level based objective, or by killing the Legend. Each Legend is different and have unique
requirements in order for it to be killed. Some need an objective to be completed before they can be
killed off, others can simply just be killed. In a way each Legend is it’s own game mode. The catch is
that in the beginning of each match the Cast players wont know what Legend they are up against until
they encounter it for the first time. The game requires for you to stay on your toes and use your
survival instinct to win.
Horror Legends Planned To be released January of 2017 on the steam green light for the PC.
(Possible MAC release TBT)

Horror Legends




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