Puppet Master: The Game




Puppet Master: The Game


The Puppets are back! Play as Blade, Jester, Tunneler, Torch, Decapitron, Pinhead, and now Leech Woman! Hunt down the Nazi Agents and stop them from uncovering Toulon’s secretes. He is fighting for his life in one of two environments. The old Toulon Workshop hidden away at the Bodega Bay Inn, or a rural abandoned Cabin, where the puppets can unleash their pint-sized siege of terror on the lone survivor.
More characters and maps to come! Stay tuned with October Games by visiting our website (octobergames.com) where you can share any bugs and or ideas with us on our forums! We would love to hear from you. Also don’t forget to read through the manual document!



Prototype 0.3 Update Features


– New playable puppet “Leech Woman”

– Improved Balancing: Increased melee range, Lowered Nazi Agent health by 50%, Increased movement speed for the slower Puppets.

– New Map October.

– Each map is now playable in Puppet Wars mode.


Puppet Master: The Game – Multiplayer Prototype

Puppet Master: The Game Prototype 0.3

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Interactive Trailer

Puppet Master: The Game - Interactive Trailer


Alpha Beta Gamer ” a superb take on the Puppet Master licence”