Puppet Master: The Game version 0.25 is here!


The Puppets are back! Play as Blade, Jester, Tunneler, Torch, Decapitron, and Now Pinhead!And they are up against a Nazi Agent looking to uncover Toulons secretes. He is fighting for his life in one of two environments. The old Toulon Workshop hidden away at the Bodega Bay Inn, or a rural abandoned Cabin, where the puppets can unleash their pint-sized siege of terror on the lone survivor.

0.25 Update Features.

– New playable puppet “Pinhead” and “Nazi Agent”

– Improved Melee Combat for all characters

– Improved Balancing and hit box detection

– Improved Graphics!

– New Game Mode PUPPET WARS: This mode pits 2 teams of Puppets against each other. Each team start on opposite sides of the map. The team with the most kills by the end of the round wins! Team Two uses special alternate skins!