The Horror Legends Kickstarter has launched!!!



We’ve been working on horror legends for around a year now with a zero dollar budget. However, all the passion and free time in the world isn’t enough to create horror legends as we envision.

The idea of Horror Legends is to be as if you were experiencing a horror movie without knowing what it was about. Preserving the mystery and suspense of not knowing what to expect or what’s waiting around the next corner, and putting players in the shoes of the characters in the movie rather than simply watching it unfold. We do this by creating scenarios that develop organically. These aren’t matches these are Encounters.

 Horror Legends is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game; where three players fight to survive an encounter with a player-controlled monster hunting them. Surprise is key to the game’s design; allowing players to in secret, select from a large roster of characters all with their own stats and equipment. One player, will select from a list of monsters and slashers we have dubbed the “Legends” and the other three will select from a list of potential heroes or victims we call the “Cast“. Think of it as if you’re casting your very own horror movie. Should you pick the character with a gun or should you pick the cast wearing the backpack? Not all Legends are as affected by bullets as others, so you might have to improvise if you want to survive. Selecting the right character can be a gamble so choose wisely!