Horror Legends - Early Access

In this online asymmetrical multiplayer nightmare, you can take control of a supernatural Legend and hunt down your friends. (Now supports up to 9 versus 1)

Join the Cast

Scavenge, in first-person, for items and try to survive the night against the Legend’s endless pursuit. If you are feeling brave (or stupid) you can attempt to kill the Legend. However, not all Legends are easily killed...

Become the Legend

You are the hunter. With both a third-person and first-person perspective you can utilize the unknown to your advantage. Certain rules of the Encounter are determined by which Legend you pick. Each Legend will play differently; some Legends can be gunned down while others will keep coming back until certain conditions are met. Some will kill, some will capture, and some will turn their prey into their minions.


Puppet Master - The Game: Multiplayer Prototype

The Puppets are back! Play as Blade, Jester, Tunneler, Torch, Decapitron, Pinhead, and now Leech Woman! Hunt down the Nazi Agents and stop them from uncovering Toulon's secretes. He is fighting for his life in one of two environments. The old Toulon Workshop hidden away at the Bodega Bay Inn, or a rural abandoned Cabin, where the puppets can unleash their pint-sized siege of terror on the lone survivor.

Play as the Puppets or against them in this online asymmetrical multiplayer first-person shooter.