Update 0.2.3 Patch Notes

New Map - Dream Realm

Enter the surreal mindscape of a madman and survive your worst nightmare. Featuring a brand new score from Spectral Fields.

New Features

  • Specter Players will now be shown as Dead in the Tab Screen.

  • Beer will now drop empty cans every time you use them.

  • Auto-Ready timer as been added.

  • Specters can now shoot and kill each other. Ghost Deathmatch!

  • AI Gourds will now follow the Gourd Legend. Lead them to those pesky Cast Members.

Balance Changes

  • Punkie’s ranged attack now does poison damage (damage over time) and has a fancy cross hair when you zoom in.

  • Candy - CryptiCoCo's will now heal 1 HP for 10 seconds.

  • Increased Killer Keith's Chemicals's area of effect size and it also will reveal Cast players when they enter it.

  • Flashlights now have a wider light radius.

Bug Fixes

  • Full Screen Bug: The game will no longer go to windowed mode when you start a new match.

  • Aim Sensitivity Bug: Now your aim sensitivity will correctly apply to all weapons types.

  • Specters will now die if they go out of bounds.

  • Fixed numerous areas where players were getting stuck while crouched.