Horror Legends 0.2.4 Patch Notes

Net-code rework.

We just finished a massive update to the game's net-code, improving stability when playing with other players from other countries. It also improves how the game handles AI like Gourd, Cops, and the Harbinger.

New Cast Member!

Security Shawn.
Armed with a Stun Gun. Security Shawn is great for stopping a Legend in his tracks mid chase. In-force those curfews people!

Health: 2/5
Stamina: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
Agility: 4/5

New Items

Stun Gun.
This medium range non-lethal pistol is perfect for zapping away a Legend’s stamina to make a quick escape!

A sharp bladed weapon that can cut through Gourds like butter.

Map Updates.

Dream Realm:

  • Now has less dead ends and more breaching paths.

  • Added rafters to the platforming room.


  • Improved Punkie Jack-O-Lantern spawns.

  • More random Ammo spawns.

  • Updated Navmesh so AI's don't walk through Hay bales.


  • A slightly increased the ambient light.

Balance Changes.


  • Angela Crass's crouch movement speed has been moderately increased..

  • Angela Crass's walking footstep volume have been moderately lowered.

  • Stevie Lint's run speed has been slightly reduced.

  • Punkie's Crouch Speed has been increased.

  • Killer Keith's HP has been increased by 50 points.

  • Killer Keith's Walk speed has been slightly reduced.

  • Killer Keith's Toxic Chemicals now do more damage and now last a lot longer.

  • Killer Keith's Rebar now goes farther and does more damage.

  • Killer Keith's Rebar draw speed had been lowered.

  • Killer Keith's Rebar reload speed has been drastically increased.

  • Human Punkie’s Regen now regens 50 Stamina with an additional 10 HP for 5 seconds.

  • Human Punkie’s Regen charges have been reduced to 20 from 30.

  • Legend’s Nightvision’s range has been drastically reduced.


  • Shotgun's max clip size has been reduced to 4.

  • Beer now slowly reduces stamina for 7 seconds after you drink it.


  • Glyph Sound radius has been reduced by 50%.

Bug Fixes

  • Nick Scab's reveal outline now outlines his entire body.

  • Objective sounds should no longer play when game loads.

  • Consumable items like Beer and Candy can no longer be dropped when they are empty.

  • Auto Respawn is no longer interrupted by chat.

  • Fixed Melee weapon charging animation bug.

  • Night Vision will no longer turn on when using chat.